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Below you are able to pay for convention, you are able to make payments or pay in full.

Also signing up for convention here means you agree to all the rules and regulations of convention.

Please make sure when you check-out that you include a message as to what you are paying for.

If you need to add children or extra adults (2 MAX) to the room just add them to the cart.

The cost is $90.00 per extra adult per night & $15.00 per child per night.

If your making a deposit or payment on a room you need to say what it its for.

How many nights and how many extra adults and children, if any.

To make payments you have options for multiple dollar amounts.

Just keep adding them to the cart to get to the amount of payment you want.

There is a 3.5% fee added to the total for processing fees, it shows up as shipping and handling.

Please include your Membership Number with your payment.

Please include a room number if you would like to have the same room as last year.

We will try and make sure you are in that room.

Please print the sign-up form and turn it in, even if you pay online.

Convention Sign-up Form

Convention Information

Convention 2 Day : 2 People


Convention 3 Day : 2 People


Amount Of Payment


$90 Each Extra Adult-Each Day-2 Max


$15 Each Child - Each Day




251 Church Street                 Belford, NJ              732.495.2733